середа, 10 вересня 2014 р.

"My First Vocabulary Class"

It was the 2nd day of the autumn. And it was my first vocabulary class. 
When I came to the audience, I was glad to see 5 familiar faces, but I was late and it was narrow escape, because our teacher came in a minute after me. So, the noise in the audience died down and our lesson was started. At first I wasn't entirely happy with this subject, so as to learning new words by heart is considerable difficulty. But the lesson was quite interesting. And then I heard that we need to create blog.
 "What?? Blog? Are you kidding me?". In fact, I didn't know, how to create blog and I was sure, that I would have to make a real effort to write sth here. And it was true.
When I came home, I tried to do my homework. Oh my God! How much force I spent to understand all this. But I faced the prospect of the possible results of my laziness.
However, now I'm writing my first blogpost and I can say that I'm content of it. Perhaps, I'm even under the impression of doing this task. 
In conclusion, don't miss the opportunity to overcome your bad habits, and then you can open sth new and interesting for you.

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  1. Such attitude it's a classic example of student. I'm sure you deal with all difficulties, and if not - just ask a favour in our teacher! She can make clear all tasks! ;)

  2. "I'm to old for this computer staff"- it was my first thought,but now I'm trying to faced the prospects and I hope everything will be ok.( I'm reading your first blog, you write it under such impression, and I can't believe that I'm in a such deep as* now, good luck to me))))