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Letter to My Peers from the Past

Hello, my dear friends!
I'm very glad to write you again. Unfortunately, we lost touch with each other, because of some my problems, but I can promise you that it will never happen again. 

I know that you are a little out of touch with recent inventions. So, English is almost the most widely language in the world nowadays. And there are many different ways to make your learning English easier. It is a big benefit today to have an acces to the Internet where you can find a large amount of useful sites. So I want to speak my mind about some of them and tell you the difference between them.
The first site that I want to advise you is graphwords.com . I believe that this site is very helpful for those who are looking for synonyms to some word. At this picture you can see example. I sought synonyms of the word "whistle".
To add to it, this site is very easy to use. 

The next site I want to introduce is fraze.it . Using this site is very comfortable to those who want to see the word in the context. I can surely say, that pepole that use this site, will certainly be at an advantage. The results of this site can be connected with every field. Here some examples of the context of phrase "figure of spech":

- "... for an accounting of corruption and mismanagement in the Agency for International Development. The AID administrator's dejection-if not his figure of speech-was understandable.In the past month, three separate cases of "irregularities," resulting in the suspension or resignation..."

-"... theories of meaning have a concept of "literal language" (see literal and figurative language).Under theories that do not, figure of speech is not an entirely coherent concept. Rhetoric originated as the study of the ways in which a source text can be transformed to suit the goals..."

The next site I want you to pay attention is Just the Word.
At this site you can find alternatives and combinations of word that you need.
For example:

I hope, that my pieces of advice will be valuable for you. Because learning English is problem with no easy solutions and it becomes apparent that today with the modern technologies not only native speakers and habitents, where English is the official language can know English well. You just need to have a sincere desire. I wish you an inspiration and good luck in learning English.

Yours, Julia 

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