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  Once upon a time, two dictionaries lived. They were two best friends - Oxford and Longman. They were very comparable, and both of them were known as reputable dictionaries, which always were helpful for people and had a large following all over the world. Certainly, there was competition between them, but nevertheless, it was temporarily. 

But sometimes some sircumstaces make us to reflect on our acts. 
  Once, there was some disput between friends about some word. And Oxford unwarily said, that Longman  cannot explain this word not because of  it is inexplicable, but because he didn't know this word. This phrase was very emotive and Longman was deeply offended, so he replied that, perhaps, he mistook his for a friend. Oxford was shocked at these heartless words, because so many years they were nearest and dearest for each other and Oxford answered that it were unforgivable words.  After this quarrel they lost contact with each other. Soon they regreted about it, but their pride prevented them to get hold of each other.  One day, Longman received a postcard, in which his old friend Robert from France proposed him to make a visit. 
  Longman felt absolutely lonely last days, so he decided to go there and to have fun. It promised to be very eventful trip, so he finalized his plans and went to France, although he was sure that it would be pointless without Oxford. The Roberts' housing was very comfortable, spacious and fully furnished, so he hoped to led himself away from sad thoughts.
  Meanwhile, Oxford arrived in France. And when he had knew, that Longman also decided to visit Robert, he was very happy. He realized that  it was his fault and he was very apologetic.  
  When Longman arrived at the airport, Oxfor was waiting for him there. Two friends extered each other, they were happy to see each other again. Our dictionaries enjoyed this trip to France. 
  The moral of this farytale: if you cannot do something, you can always rely on the support and help from other people. Don't miss your friends!:)

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  1. I think their quarrel was meaningless. I wouldn't take offense at this situation. But it is good they reached a conclusion :)

  2. I like this blogpost, because of it moral,theyare my nearest and dearest, and I hope I never lost contact with them.