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New Life After Retiring!

  It was beautiful October morning. The sunrise was golden and red, so day promised to be warm and sunny.
  James woke up at 7 o'clock. He was full of innermost thoughts. He felt uneasy and wanted to pour his feelings out, but his heart told him to be guarded. Yesterday he retired and he was searching for new hobby. He looked at his shelf and saw many photos. He had worked in advertising agency and last ten years his business was booming. But he needed a new inspiration to reduce stress! Suddenly, he came across a photo of ocean and he remembered, that he took an interest in photo long time ago. So, he decided to spend this autumn day riding on his bike and looking for amazing landscapes.  He went to the garage, but found out that his old friend is broken. James was gutted. But he was as stubborn as a mule, so he decided to repair it just now. It had turned out that only one detail was rusty, it was just a by-product of non-using during a long period of time, so James changed it ably.

  He sat at his bike and went to the shop, he needed to consult an expert about choice of photo camera. After buying a good camera, he was driving on the road. James was ecstatic, because in the shop he had met his old friends, who sold him this camera with very nice discount.
  Suddenly James paid his attention to the car ahead of him. There was an inscription “A-Z”. James thought about interpretation of it. After a few minutes he made a conclusion. His retiring doesn’t mean the end of the life. He still can live his life to the fullest, from A to Z!
  At this time he lost a focus on the road, and nearly crashed into the car in front of him. Fortunately, his instinct said him to back off. But in the minute he understood, that it wasn’t his fault. It was something wrong with that car. He almost lost his temper. But he made himself to bottle his emotions up and decided to found out the cause of this happening. When he went closer, he saw, that the driver feel bad. The car stopped, and James stopped too. The man said that he need a doctor. James called the ambulance. When the doctor helped the man, James went on.
  He stopped near the ocean and made a few photos. His soul was in state of sheer calmness. The ocean absorbed his bad vibes. He wandered along the beach for two hours.

  When he came back home, there was an admirable sunset. And, of course, James made a photo of it in memory of the day that was a beginning of his new life.

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  1. I like your story, such type of narrations help me reduse stress and pelax. As for the emotions I find extenssive body laanguage , gestures and emotions unacceptable.

  2. I really like your story.Sometimes I need something to reduce stress,and then my heart tells me go in the forest, there I feel better. It's helps me controlling myself. Thank you,for a beautiful story.