неділя, 26 жовтня 2014 р.


  Have you ever observed the people’s behavior in café, at the street or even in films?
  Many people think that actions speak louder than words. Today there are many stereotypes and due to them people can jump to conclusions and misinterpret some gestures.
  There is well-known stereotype, that girls fiddle with their hair when they fancy someone. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t mean that she is flirting, she can be just thoughtful.

  Easier said than done. So I tried to be observant, and looked out for different kinds of student’s gestures.
  By and large, students go red, when they are angry and have sweaty palms and when they are nervous about some event, or when they are not confident. When they have some doubts, they try to avoid an eye contact, and, on the contrary, when they respect their interlocutor. Both of this types of body language they can have when they have some bad intensions, for example, desire to write off ;).

  I add these funny pictures and want to see in comments your interpretations of the feelings at the photos)

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  1. All your pictures is really genuine, because each person has her own interpretation of similar gestures and body language. Actually, i find you very observant person who can combine interesting ideas.Any how, I wish you find more innovative facts for inspirations.

  2. I think knowing of body language can help us to understand people around you better. And if you're observant person you'll understand gestures of other people very well. But don't go red if smb will try to maintain eye-contact with you :D

  3. It's awful, I guess, if you can't control your gestures. People can just jump to the wrong conclusions. But I personally know one girl, whose body language makes people all around elated :)))

  4. You know, I’m totally agree with you. A lot of people misinterpret my guests and I don't understand why, however I like your photos and I even find myself( in the first line I'm on the second and third picture, in the last line I'm on the first picture)))))