субота, 11 жовтня 2014 р.

My favourite English quote.

Very often, when somebody ask something, he knows what he wants to hear. As there is a great number of people all over the world, so there is giant amount of types of character. When the person is subconsciously sure, that he is surrounded by bad-tempered people – he will see no charitable soul around. And when person trusts people, believes in their virtuous plans and intension, he will live his life between cordial and hearty people. Everywhere are good and bad people. But everybody can see just what he wants to see. Only sincere desire can help you to open up and find out some warm ray of sunshine. Every heart has the sun, just let it shine. When we are listening to the composition of famous performer, every of us is thinking about different thoughts, every of us is disturbed by different memories. In every masterpiece of art – a picture, a sculpture, an architecture – we are searching for exactly detail, excite inside of us volcanic swirl of emotions and feelings. We can read the same books, but draw different knowledge, make different conclusions and underline different quotes, which in our consciousness are associated with fixed memories and reflections. And to see life  from different aspects, you need to have close friends, whose ornament of brain is dissimilar to yours.

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  1. I like your quotation too. I think we should understand thar we can tackle all problems if we try to dicover its other side. We can be heartbroken sometimes, but we should concentrate in smth good and try to see it, but not only smth bad.

  2. That's right! The main concern nowadays that people don't notice nice and beautiful things. They just make a strong criticism of everything that seems to them as a consederably difficulties. That's strange! In my mind we should enjoy little things and minims!

    1. You know,I'm living in the world of criticism,but in some days I come over theEarth and understand that life is beautiful.
      It was very touching blog, thank you.))