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The Ways of Improving Educational System

  Very often we hear about some changes in the world. But, it’s common knowledge that the educational system hasn’t changed for many years. Now, every child has a right to education, but not everyone wants to use this right. Children lose their interest to studying, and when it is time to get a tertiary education, they face a lot of problems. So, is there a rough idea how to force pupils to crack a book with a desire? I believe yes.  I think, that it is difficult to children to grasp the importance of studying. But at the same time their curiosity helps them to get full marks from some subjects, and on the other they feel bored and their attention wanders.  It is about schools, where pupils have a lot of core subjects, and they can’t choose. But in the universities students can withdraw the courses that they don’t want to attend. I think that it is great way to develop the students’ natural talents and show marked improvement in those areas they like.  Also, I honestly think that small groups help to become a quick learner and then straight A student – it is easier, because the person is concentrated and brainstorm some ideas all the time.  I’m totally convinced that there are also the other methods of improving educational system. And it is not only about further education. I’m sure, there are ways for developing even in nursery education. And as a result we will see the mental agility in the childhood and thirst for knowledge of every student.

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