четвер, 27 листопада 2014 р.

Letter to my dear alien friends!

Dear friends,
While observing the different planets, I found out, that in the world there are a lot of the places, which are better than our boring Mars.
Now, I’m at the Earth. It is a beautiful planet, you know. And here I can see a lot of different houses, that are similar to ours, I even can say, that our houses were just reproduced in order to be as pretty as these.
So, I send you the video, to show, what I have seen firstly. This nice street is situated in the quiet quarter and I think it is on the outskirts of the city.
Here I see a lot of traditional up to date terraced houses, they are quite big, so I can suggest, that inside they are cosy and spacious with modern décor and stylish furniture. Every house has a porch.
Behind one of the houses, I found a shed, and a cellar. I can’t enter the rooms, but through the double-glazed windows, I can see fully-equipped kitchen, many interesting ultra-modern devices and airy fully-furnished luxurious hall with wonderful ornaments and potted plants. Some of the houses also have a balcony.
I think, that you should visit the Earth, too. Believe me, we can make here very interesting performance to give the people idea to make that funny films, which they call “horror”. I’m looking forward to you!

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  1. My dear friend, on our boring Mars we also have a potted plants. We need just to rebuild our abandoned houses and they will be as good as new.))