вівторок, 11 листопада 2014 р.


   If you are looking for lucrative and interesting job – welcome to our company “Joy”. Our MOTTO -“Advertising can bring gladness”. Our company is well-known in USA and we want to bring a drop of positive to this hectic world. Our aim is to guarantee to our client the successful fulfilment of the order.
   The “Joy” is looking for a creative designer with the ability to draw nice pictures. The work experience is not necessary. If you are active, like taking an initiative and enterprise, and, of course, if you are able to use a computer graphics, we are ready to consider your resume. The desire to achieve common goal will be very useful to you while working with group projects. Team spirit, collaboration and mutual respect will inspire you. We very value the skill to work solely.
    The company “Joy” will provide you with big benefits package and comprehensive healthcare provision. One of the benefits of this job is opportunity to juggle a few activities, because the schedule is not rigorous. So, you don’t need to think about relocation allowance. Also we have a subsidized canteen, so you will can economize some your outgoings.

   Visit our site, fill in an application form and send it us. Or you can visit our company located at the address indicated on our site.

3 коментарі:

  1. Your giggling man is very funny. Sorry, I don't want to stick my nose in your comppany deals but may i ask you about providing bonus scheme and benefits package?

  2. Subsidized canteen - it's something really cool. But don't forget smdy from your stuff can be a vegeterian.If u want to tackle the problem call me, I can provide you with nice bananas and you can buy it for a song :)

  3. I would work in your company, really! There are a lot of advantages! That's even a bit strange that there is no drawbacks!? You know..I think I'll call you if you promise not to stifle my creative ideas. :)