середа, 26 листопада 2014 р.


It was a real effort to stop the utter chaos in my train of though at the beginning of the trimester, But now, it is the last session and it is a time to sum up some prons and cons of our Vocabulary course. 
In fact, there were just few minuses;
1. Making a blogposts takes a lot of time. as for me,  I was doing some of the posts during 3 hours or thereabouts.
2. I think, that the task, that demands such a long period of time sould be more rewarding.
But, as a metter of fact, the course brough me an enormous benefits.
Firstly, using different virtual tools was phenomenally interesting.
It was very useful for me to find out, that there are a lot of cool sites to keep improving of the learning English.
Also I think, that I get the ability to use a combination of different collocations and learn how to combine the words related to unsimiliar topic in one text promptly.
Sometimes it was quite difficult to accomplish the task, because I was stressed out due to our rigorous schedule. And some of the tasks were considerably difficult to achieve and demanded to switch on all your initiative and enterprice.
Also, I faced the prospect of getting harmful by-product of procrastinating
Everybody should remember that the practice makes perfect and try to improve our skills.

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  1. All people, writing that they are happy,they sum up some prons and cons of our vocabulary cour and I hate them, I hate myself( I lit this fire and I can't go out it ), I'm happy for you, and I hope in the next trimester I'll be initiative and not so stressed out.