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Letter to Victoria

Dear Victoria,

 I would like to tell you about my life now. I remember that day two months ago, when we met. I really appreciate your help, because without your tips it was impossible for me to get accustomed to living in America. Now, I used to it, but at the beginning it was considerably difficult. Fortunately, I have some my books with me, and when I felt nostalgia for my native country I just started to read it. In fact, reading is my only kind of pleasure here but I have a faith, that everything will be better. I had a cultural shock, but it disappeared because of the diverse of other problems, so, now I’m trying to soak all the information up in order to go to school later. But there is one drawback – it is difficult for me to live in such a vibrant city, so once or twice a month I go for a wander to see some remote areas, stunning views and unique places, to sit in silence and read a book.
What about my family, we are living in the apartment that is very similar to yours. I slept in the kitchen on the kip, but now it is too cold and I sleep on the bed with my little sister, and it really makes a change. We don’t have time to laze around, so I help my mom to do different work in the house, for example yesterday I sewed clothes and my sister sold it. In general, we are trying to retain the apartment in good conditions and my father has a desire to restore it in future. Daddy’s business is flourishing enough to say that in a few years our life will be more comfortable.
Tell me about your life, is it changed? How is your family? It would be nice if you visit me, but let me know in advance. I'm looking forward for your letter!

With love, Valentina.

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