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   Jim bore a striking resemblance to his father, when he was at the age of twenty. He had an oval face, straight nose, hazel eyes and broad shoulders. In general, he was really well-built handsome man. Everybody who knew him, could say, that he was a clever person that never hurt others feelings and always put others first. But he had one problem, – he was painfully shy.
   One day Jim was walking slowly through the park, and saw her. She was a well-dressed beautiful woman, with shoulder-length jet-black hair. She was sitting on the bench and reading a book. Suddenly, Jim realized that it was a love at first sight. He couldn’t pluck the courage to come to her. But finally he did.

     She said that, her name is Kate.

   They were walking together and communicating some time, and Jim understood that Kate is his type. She was gregarious, optimistic person with a sense of humor. At the same time Kate was highly-intelligent, so Jim took to her immediately.  
In fact, Kate was drawn to Jim, too. So, when Jim asked her out, she accepted his proposal without doubts.
   In a few year they married, and stuck together for good.

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