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His story, her story

   War is always a vast loss of civilians and innocent people that don’t  have beneficial effect on the events.  During the war, many people suffer from the dire consequences,  and improper handling of weapons can create a bad impression.
   September 1, 1939 the Poland was attacked by Germany. Needless to say, military and civilian people were mobilized and enlisted, some of them were in reserve.
   September 27, 1940 was negotiated a peace agreement between Germany, Italy and Japan was signed the Tripartite Pact. Covenant predicted that the next 10 years the participating countries will offer each other support and make a breakthrough in achieving geopolitical goals, chief among which were identified restore a new world order, keeping peace and make progress in science.
   Furthermore, December 18, 1940 was another cunning Hitler plan of "Barbarossa", it was the code name of the Third Reich war plan against the USSR. Plan "Barbarossa" anticipated fleeting military campaign of complete defeat of the Red Army and admiration of European part of the USSR on the line Volga - Arkhangelsk, which caused on uproar and it caused a sensation in humans, but underlying cause has not been identified.

Every war has dire consequences, but always after black stripe white comes.

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